Oliver meets the Transport Secretary over appalling Govia Thameslink service

Today, Oliver met with the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling MP, to raise concerns about the abysmal service provided by Govia Thameslink. It follows an earlier meeting last week where the recent deterioration in the service was discussed.

Oliver used the meeting to present a dossier of more than a hundred complaints – describing constituents’ immense frustration and despair at the service.

Oliver said: ‘Since I stood for election in 2015 I have been inundated with a wave of phone calls, letters, emails and messages about the appalling service.

‘I use the service every day and know all too well the horrendous commutes they describe – every day frustrated by missed stops, delays and cancellations.

‘Birthdays, anniversaries and precious time with the family have all been missed. Perhaps most worryingly, two businesses have taken the decision to leave Borehamwood to avoid the service.’

Oliver used the meeting to draw the Transport Secretary’s attention to the huge problems with the service north of the River Thames over the well-publicised problems that commuters face travelling on Southern.

He added: ‘I was glad he shared my concern and that he undertook to investigate the causes of the problems – both with Govia Thameslink and Network Rail, which is responsible for rail infrastructure.

‘He also pledged to look at the relationship between the operator of the railway infrastructure and the train operating company to see whether there was room for improvement.’

Later in the day, Oliver chaired a conference call with Charles Horton, Chief Executive of Govia Thameslink and a number of senior representatives from the company to raise many points from letters he has received in recent weeks and heard an update on performance.

He added: ‘As your MP, I can’t directly control the performance of Govia Thameslink but I can use my position as your elected representative to represent your anger over the service to Govia executives and ministers.

'Both these meetings have left them in no doubt about the strength of anger.’