Hertswood Academy Hustings

Oliver Dowden today took part in a hustings at Hertswood Academy, along with fellow Parliamentary candidate, Labour’s Richard Butler. The audience was made up of the academy’s 6th formers, many of whom will be first time voters come May.

The questions varied from major political news to more local issues, such as opportunities for school-leavers and apprenticeships. This is Oliver’s second visit to Hertswood Academy in recent weeks to discuss politics with students and is part of a wider plan to get young people more involved in politics. It also gives Oliver the chance to learn more about the students and schools in Hertsmere, which is a valuable insight given that improving education is one of his key priorities going into the election. 

Oliver Dowden said:

“I think it is important that we engage with young people who would otherwise not have any involvement with politics. That is why events like today are so effective.

“I hope the debates were entertaining and informative.”