Guarantee of Potters Bar Hospital’s Future

Oliver today convened a meeting with the borough’s local health authority, Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group, to discuss the future of Potters Bar Hospital.

The meeting came after new concerns over the Hospital’s long-term future following the decision by the Royal Free NHS Trust to move a number of their services from Potters Bar to the newly re-furbished Chase Farm Hospital.

Speaking after the meeting, Oliver said: ‘I know the future of Potters Bar Hospital is a source of great concern to many residents. It was therefore crucial to raise this issue with the local Clinical Commissioning Group, the body responsible for funding healthcare services in our area and seek clarification about their plans.

‘I was pleased to secure from the CCG’s leadership a renewal of their commitment to the Hospital’s future. Like me, they know it is a fantastic local asset, providing a vital service to residents and they will be increasing the services they run from it in the months ahead.

‘I hope this provides reassurance for everyone in the town and I will continue to press health officials to ensure these commitments are honoured.’

Oliver met with Ms Kathryn Magson, Chief Executive of the CCG, Ms Caroline Hall, Chief Financial Officer, and Dr Nicholas Small, Group Chair.

Potters Bar Community Hospital is owned and managed by Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, who are then commissioned by Herts Valley CCG to deliver the bulk of the services and clinics at the Hospital. It is therefore Herts Community Trust and the CCG who ultimately control the Hospital.

Other NHS trusts also use the Hospital as a venue from which to run their own clinics. Following the completion of upgrades at Chase Farm, the Royal Free NHS Trust have been moving their services based in Potters Bar into these new facilities. These changes do not though impact the long-term viability of the Hospital and Mr Dowden has secured firm commitments from both the CCG and the Community NHS Trust that they plan to increase the number of services they run there, as it is one of the most capable facilities they have available in the area.