Backing Plans for New Borehamwood Primary School

Oliver has given his support to a project to set up a new primary school in Borehamwood.

The commitment came when Oliver met in Parliament with Ms Rebecca Schapira and Mr Samuel Franklin, two of the leaders of the New Borehamwood & Elstree Jewish Primary School Initiative.

After discussing the group’s plans for a new school and their progress so far, Oliver said: ‘It is vital that if our community grows we have the infrastructure to match it. Borehamwood has seen significant new development over recent years and we must build new schools to match, including a new faith school.

‘I have been campaigning for more and better school places constantly since being elected and that’s why I am pleased to give my support to this project.’

Oliver will also be writing to express his support formally ahead of the group’s bids for funding from the Department for Education. The next crucial stage will be to agree a viable site for the school with Hertsmere Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

Oliver added: ‘I owe a debt of gratitude for the excellent state education I received at Parmiter’s and making sure all children have the best possible start in life is one of the main reasons I entered politics.

‘I will soon be meeting with the Education Department at the County Council to keep making the case for additional school resources for Hertsmere.’

Rebecca Schapira, from the New Borehamwood & Elstree Jewish Primary School Initiative also said: ‘We are delighted that Mr Dowden is supporting us with this exciting project. The school will be a first choice for parents desiring a comprehensive and thorough secular education for their children, whilst maintaining an equally high emphasis on a religious education and practice. We started this work because we felt there was a need and are continuing to work together with the Department for Education, the Local Authority and other local schools to develop the wonderful infrastructure in the local and Jewish community.’