Thameslink Update

Oliver Dowden has again raised the poor quality of the Thameslink service with the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, after an abysmal week for commuters on Thameslink service.

The lengthy delays were caused by flooding near Farringdon, which resulted in massive overcrowding. Whilst Govia (the new operators of Thameslink) were not directly responsible, the poor public service meant that many commuters were left not knowing what was happening. 

Oliver Dowden said:

“Govia’s service is just not good enough. 

"We all know that train companies sometimes face problems beyond their control but Govia's record since they took over the line has been pitiful. The least people expect is that Govia tell them clearly what is going on and make it easy for them to get refunds. Govia is failing on both counts.

"I won't stop hounding them until they improve services for hard-working commuters who pay thousands of pounds a year to travel on their trains and expect to be treated better than cattle".