Radlett Rail Freight Terminal campaign update

As part of my ongoing campaign against the Radlett Rail Freight Terminal, I tabled further questions to discover whether planning permission for alternative uses for the site of the proposed rail freight terminal can be granted.

I also wanted to know whether amendments to the local plan are possible to facilitate this. The Minister has now confirmed both. This is a positive development and offers a ray of hope that this site could be used for something other than a disastrous rail freight terminal.

The principle of development on the green belt with regard to the site of the proposed rail terminal has already been breached. Ideally I would prefer that there be no development on the green belt but if there is going to be some development then I would prefer that all alternatives to the rail terminal are explored.

The rail freight terminal would clog up our roads with lorries, jam the Thameslink line with freight trains and spoil our surrounding countryside. We should do all we can to avoid it