Oliver Receives Temple's Blessing For Re-Election Campaign

Oliver on Friday received the blessing of the Hare Krishna temple at Bhaktivedanta Manor for his bid to serve again as Hertsmere's MP.

Speaking today, Oliver said: 'I'm a big supporter of Bhaktivedanta Manor.'

'I've visited on many occasions. It's a wonderful peaceful oasis at the heart of our community.  I was glad to persuade the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, to come to the temple to break ground on the new haveli.

'I know many people want  an avanti school here in Hertsmere and I have been working with Cllr Meenal Sachdev, one of our local borough councillors s to help work to achieve that.

'I was delighted to get the Temple's blessing for the forthcoming election campaign and if re-elected I look forward to working with them more in future.'