Oliver Meets Tim Prendergast at Bushey Meads School

Oliver Dowden, MP for Hertsmere, met Tim Prendergast on a visit to Bushey Meads School to participate in a Sky Sports ‘Living for Sport’ session. At eight years of age Tim Prendergast began losing his sight, and within five years his vision had depleted by over 90 per cent. In 2004, Tim represented New Zealand at his second Paralympic Games in Athens, winning a gold medal in the T13 800 metres contest. Tim is now an athlete mentor and travels around the country visiting schools and colleges.

Mr Dowden said: “It was great to visit Bushey Meads School to find out more about the ‘Living for Sport’ initiative. The students clearly drew real inspiration and motivation from Tim Prendergast’s triumph over difficult circumstances.

“I was also taken on a tour of the school site and saw some of the exciting plans that are in store for Bushey Meads School. It is fantastic to have so much going on at the School and I look forward to visiting them again soon.”