Oliver Meets with Potters Bar Residents Over Local Crime

Oliver last week met with Potters Bar residents’ neighbourhood watch group to discuss their concerns over crime after the town saw in an increase in the number of burglaries over the previous few months.

The meeting came following a public meeting on this issue in December with Hertsmere Chief Inspector, Steve O’Keeffe and Oliver’s own meetings with the Hertfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, and the Chief Inspector.

Speaking after the latest meeting, Oliver said: ‘I had a constructive meeting with Potters Bar residents on Thursday to discuss local crime issues and I am grateful for so many people taking the time to attend.

‘They shared with me their own with experiences and I was able to update them on my work with the local Chief Inspector, our Police & Crime Commissioner and in Parliament.

‘I know that our local Police are very much aware of concerns around burglaries and they are working constantly to catch the perpetrators and keep us safe.

‘As I have said before, I would urge anyone who has concerns about activity they fear may be crime related to contact the Police to share this, as any piece of information can help them with their investigations. Similarly, do not hesitate to get in contact with them if you are seeking advice on steps you can take to improve your own personal home security.

‘I will continue to support the Police and represent my constituents’ concerns as Hertsmere’s Member of Parliament.’