Oliver meets Managing Director of London Midland

It was good to meet with Patrick Verwer, Managing Director at London Midland earlier this week. Among the issues discussed were my campaign for Bushey station to be reassigned from zone 8 to zone 6 and the possibility of a cash point being provided at Bushey station.

London Midland currently holds the franchise for the West Coast mainline service, which is the route from Birmingham to Euston, passing through Bushey. The current franchise will expire in October 2017. The consultation process regarding what happens after the expiry of London Midland's current franchise is ongoing.

In my submission to the consultation, I will be calling for Bushey station to be reassigned from zone 8 to zone 6. I appreciate that the cost of train travel is an issue for many of my constituents and I am keen to do what I can to make train travel more affordable.

I would advise Bushey residents to follow this link to make a submission to the consultation: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/west-midlands-franchise/ . Alternatively you can request a physical copy of the consultation by emailing: westmidsconsultation@