Oliver Dowden slams Govia Thameslink service in the House of Commons

My question to the Rail Minister follows a meeting I attended last week with senior representatives from Govia Thameslink, where I called for drastic improvements.

I think it was important to raise the issue of the appalling service offered by Govia Thameslink directly with the Rail Minister. It is about time that the anger felt by commuters from Borehamwood and Radlett was expressed in the House of Commons Chamber.

I have met representatives from Govia twice to make my concerns known. Many promises have been made about how the reliability of the service will improve, but I have yet to see signs of any meaningful improvement. I know from correspondence I have received from constituents and from my own experience that the service was particularly bad on Monday and Tuesday this week. 

I know that Govia Thameslink faces challenges arising from the redevelopment of London Bridge, driver shortages and one off circumstances, but even taking all this into account there are still major questions about why Govia's performance is so bad.

As well as campaigning for a more reliable Thameslink service, I am also campaigning to extend Oyster PAYG to Radlett and for significant investment at Elstree & Borehamwood station to increase capacity.

You can watch my question and the Minister’s reply here: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/bc5d98fd-ccbf-4569-91fe-3bfa058d8065?in=10%3A23%3A46&out=10%3A24%3A54