Oliver Calls for Protection for Green Spaces as Country Club Closes

Oliver has called for green open spaces to be preserved following the announcement from Hertsmere Borough Council that Bushey Country Club will be closed later this year.

The call came in a meeting convened by Oliver with officials from Hertsmere Borough Council, and speaking afterwards he said: 'I know how concerned local people are about the future of the Bushey Country Club and Community Centre.

'That's why it was important to meet with the Borough Council, including the Chief Executive, to understand their position and make sure that my constituents' voices have been heard in this process.

'I fully understand the Council's position that the current structure of the Club is not financially viable. However, I used the meeting to urge them to engage with local residents and ensure that any new use for the site is sustainable and preserves the green open spaces that makes our area special.

'I will continue to represent my constituents' views and work with the Borough Council in my role as Hertsmere's local MP to help achieve this.

'I am sorry I was unable to attend the public meeting on Tuesday due to business in Westminster, however, for anyone seeking more detail on my position, please do real the text of my letter below.'



Letter from Oliver on the future of the Bushey Country Club - 1 February 2018

Thank you for contacting me to express your ongoing concern about the closure of the Bushey Country Club and Community Centre. I am sorry that I was unable to attend the Bushey Forum meeting on 30 January, but I know that local councillors and representatives of the Borough Council were there to update you on the position, and that another meeting is going to be arranged in due course.

I would like to reassure you that I continue to take a keen interest in the closure of the Bushey Country Club and Community Centre and I know that many residents are concerned. Clearly these decisions are a matter for the Council, but I recently met with representatives of Hertsmere Borough Council including the Chief Executive, Head of Partnerships and Community Engagement, the Property Portfolio Holder and the Leisure Portfolio Holder to raise residents’ concerns.

In particular, I emphasised how important it is that we retain our green open spaces which are valued by the local residents. I also emphasised the need for them to engage with local residents at all stages, this is a part of Bushey community life and residents have a right to a say in it.

Whilst the Council’s presentation persuaded me that the current arrangements are not financially viable, I hope that through a process of consultation, the Council can find a solution that meets residents’ needs and provides a sustainable use for this site. In many ways, we have a great opportunity to look at how we can create community facilities and greater access to the site.

I am clear that I will be continuing to take a keen interest in this and will continue to engage with local councillors and officers. I will also provide you with further updates and information about the closure.

Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you do have anything further you would like to raise or discuss with me.

Yours sincerely,


Oliver Dowden


Oliver Dowden CBE MP
Member of Parliament for Hertsmere