Oliver Backs Future of Aldenham Reservoir as Owners Lower Water Level

Oliver Dowden has this week renewed his support for Aldenham Reservoir and maintaining it as a community asset. The pledge came after the news that the sluice gates at the reservoir have been opened by its owners, Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd, releasing water and lowering its depth by a metre.

Speaking today Oliver said: ‘Aldenham Reservoir is a precious community asset that needs to be preserved.

‘I was very concerned to hear this news about the lowering of its water level and have already been on to the Environment Agency to press them urgently over whether this is action by the owners is necessary.

‘I am also working with our local Borough Council and community groups to protect the reservoir and country park for future generations. I will continue to monitor the situation closely.’

The lowering of the water level may have a significant negative impact on the ability of community groups, such as Aldenham Sailing Club, to use the reservoir in future.

This recent lobbying of the Environment Agency is the latest step in a long campaign by Oliver to preserve the reservoir and its surrounding park for the local area.