Meeting One of Bushey’s Oldest Residents for her 100th Birthday

Oliver recently met one of Bushey’s oldest residents, Mrs Betty Bennell, to wish her a happy 100th birthday. Betty has lived in the same house on Pine Grove since it was built and is the only original resident still left on the street. Oliver met with her at her home where they talked about Betty’s life and how the community in Bushey has changed over the years.

Speaking afterwards Oliver said: ‘It was lovely being invited to come and speak with Betty and I enjoyed the chance to wish her a happy 100th birthday! We had an excellent chat and it was wonderful to hear first-hand from her about how things have changed here in Bushey through the generations.

‘But amidst all this change it’s important to remember what we have preserved that’s special about our area. It’s through the efforts of people like Betty, fellow residents and civic groups across Bushey like the North Bushey Social Club that we’ve held on to the village feel of our community.’

Mrs Bennell is a long standing member of the North Bushey Royal British Legion Social Club and Oliver also took the chance to visit the nearby clubhouse and speak to other members, who were gathering for one of their regular meetings. Mrs Bennell is still an active member and the club remains an important and lively part of the local North Bushey community.

If you would like to get involved with the North Bushey Royal British Legion Social Club or find out more information, then please take a look at their Facebook page here: