LL Primary School Event

Oliver Dowden attended an event at Borehamwood Community Centre, where plans were announced by local community activists, Ben Lewis and Tal Landsman, for a new Jewish free school. 

The announcement was in response to growing demand for a new primary school in the Borehamwood area. Mr Lewis and Mr Landsman expanded on 3 key themes they stated would characterise the school; innovative, inspiring, inclusive.

Innovative techniques in the classroom, incorporating new technology; inspiring students with the best teachers available, hired only after a highly selective admissions process; inclusive by integrating students from all faiths and backgrounds.

50% of the students would be from a Jewish background and the other 50% would be from all faiths. Mr Lewis and Mr Landsman were keen to promote how the school would incorporate traditional Jewish values with the British values that make us all proud of our country. 

Oliver Dowden said of the event:

"The pitch from Ben Lewis and Tal Landsman was confident and they put a strong case for their proposal for a new primary school.

"One of the great acheivements of the Conservatives in government has been our education reforms. The coming together of dedicated groups, including many parents and teachers, as we have seen here this evening is fantastic. I wish them every success".