Funding Boost for Local Schools

Oliver has welcomed the news that from next year the Government will be increasing funding for state schools across the Borough. The news came following the publication of the new National Funding Formula by the Department for Education. All schools in Hertsmere have received an increase over their previous budgets.

Speaking today, Oliver said: ‘I was delighted to receive the news last week that Hertsmere’s schools will be receiving a significant funding increase. As I have said many times before, the excellent state education I received gave me the very best start in life. Protecting and improving funding for state schools is therefore an important priority for me and I constantly make the case for doing so with my ministerial colleagues.

The new formula will come into effect from April 2018, delivering on the Conservative manifesto pledge to make school funding fairer. It will replace the current unfair, opaque and out of date funding system that sees each area of the country receive very different amounts of money for no justifiable reason. For the first time, the resources that the Government is investing in our schools will be distributed according to a formula based on the individual needs and characteristics of every school in the country.

Oliver added: ‘I am pleased that despite the ongoing pressures on public spending the Government has listened to arguments made by myself and others and committed to this additional investment.

‘However, I know from my own experience, meetings with teachers and the correspondence I receive, the ongoing pressures on schools. I will continue to make the case for prioritising resources to education so that we can invest in our children and grandchildren’s future.’