Call for Bushey Bank Closure Re-Think

Oliver has called a meeting with Barclays bank to push them to change their decision to close their Bushey branch, the last bank in the village.

Speaking today, Oliver said: ‘Like many others, I was very disappointed to receive the news that this valued community asset will be closing.

‘Local bank branches provide vital services and are relied on by those less comfortable using online banking, such as elderly people and those who are unable to live independently.

‘While I have studied Barclays’ arguments about the alternative branches available to residents, I do not believe that these will fully make up for the loss of Bushey’s own local branch, especially as this is the last bank in the village.

‘I therefore urge Barclays to reconsider this decision and keep the Bushey branch open.

‘I am meeting with them as soon as possible to discuss this matter in more detail and I be keeping constituents updated on the outcome.’