Bus Services in Bushey

I have been contacted by a number of Bushey residents regarding the the 258 and 142 bus services. I appreciate the importance of these services to many of my constituents and the concerns that many have regarding their future funding arrangements. Ultimately the decision regarding how much the County Council wishes to subsidise a particular bus service is their responsibility.


However, as the local Member of Parliament I am keen to ensure that the voices of Bushey residents are heard.I understand that the County Council's subsidy covers only a small amount of the cost of the services and that negotiations between the County Council and TfL have begun, so we are a long way from a final decision. I have written to Hertfordshire County Council requesting that they provide me with a full explanation as to their position in relation to the routes.


I know that Borehamwood residents may also be affected and I have made representations in relation to bus services that affect Borehamwood (107 and 292) at the same time as the representations in relation to Bushey (142 and 258). I have been assured that there is no proposal to axe these services - Hertfordshire County Council's contribution to all the services in question is £390,000 compared to TfL's £10.9 million.I also agree with the broader points made on the infrastructure needs of Borehamwood, and have constantly been making the case for more investment.


I will keep you posted on any further information I receive.